Connect Account
We will show you (as a service user) how to connect your facebook account and how to grant permissions
Quick Video walkthrough on Youtube
Login to the application using your Facebook credentials.
Login - 1
Login - 2
Login - 3
Login - 4
Login - 5


Select the pages you would like to import and then monitor using a webhook.
Import and Subscribe to Webhooks to import data from your managed pages and subscribe to a webhook. Once imported the webhooks are setup and new posts and reactions will be added to the database.
Re-Subscribe to Webhooks to subscribe to a webhook again if the subscription was removed in the Manage Pages page.
Manage Pages to navigate to the management page where you can remove webhook subscriptions and remove your data.
Logout to logout from the service.
Filter to select a page and show metrics for that page.


Unsubscribe from Webhooks to remove webhook subscriptions and stop monitoring your pages.
Delete all page data to delete all data for a page from the database.
Monitor Pages to return to the monitoring page.
Logout to logout from the service.
If you would like to give permissions for other pages then logout and log back in to select the required pages.
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