Open Trigger


Built in the OpenTrigger System. Node-RED is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.


Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows.


fluxkraft is your personal self-hosted, open and powerful web automation tool.


IFTTT gives you creative control over the products and apps you love.


Webhooks are "user-defined HTTP callbacks". It's a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page, or web application, with custom callbacks. These callbacks may be maintained, modified, and managed by third-party users and developers who may not necessarily be affiliated with the originating website or application.

Examples of services

  • Website Trigger
  • OpenTrigger Button WebApp
    Open Source Software
  • Pebble Smartwatch App
    Open Source Software
    Closed Hardware
    [TODO Repo]
  • Telegram Chatbot
    Open Source Software
  • Facebook Chatbot
  • Slack Chatbot
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