What is ACONA - Augmented Content Analytics?
About ACONA - Augmented Content Analytics
ACONA stands for Augmented Content Analytics - an open source tool that automatically analyzes and simplifies data, for example from server logs or existing (open source) analytics tools, and proposes concrete measures for optimizing content.
To determine the success of a certain website or URL we developed an ACONA Success Scores Software that has a functionality to calculate individual success metric.
Different page types require different criteria to determine success: scroll depth, number of conversions, number of interactions or a combination. This should be definable in the settings (depending on the existing data sources, a certain selection is suggested). This individual success indicator is then calculated for all important) URLs and can be queried via an API.

Self hosted or SAAS

As Open Source Software you can install ACONA on your own server. Besides that we will also provide a hosted version (


Currently ACONA is in Beta. If you are interested to check it out please write us an e-mail. Get notified when public access opens on by subscribing here.

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The project is funded by
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