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ACONA stands for Augmented Content Analytics - an open source tool that automatically analyzes and simplifies data, for example from server logs or existing (open source) analytics tools, and proposes concrete measures for optimizing your content.


ACONA Data Warehouse

Provides persistent storage for ACONA Data, using a timescale database. It uses postgREST to turn the database into a RESTful API.

Github Repo: More documentation:

ACONA Scheduler and Intelligence Suite

This component is responsible to write data into the Data Warehouse. It schedules jobs and provides functionality to calculate scores, recommendations, forecasts and alerts.

Scheduling is done with Apache Airflow:

For forecasts we use Prophet, an Open Source software by Facebook:

ETL Pipelines and forecasting is done in Python.

Github Repo:

ACONA Backend

This project provides an administration page for managing ACONA users, domains and configuration. It is based on Drupal and and adds specific functionality on top.

Main github repo:

It uses the following custom repositories: - ACONA Drupal theme: - ACONA Configuration suite: Provides a userinterface for configuration like ACONA Success Score definitions.

ACONA WordPress Integration

Integration for WordPress. The idea is that scores and recommendations are shown directly there where editors create and maintain content (in the CMS). Github repo:

ACONA Neos Integration

Integration for the Neos CMS.

Github repo:

ACONA Drupal Integration

Integration for the Drupal CMS.

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