ACONA FAQs for users
What is ACONA?
ACONA stands for Augmented Content Analytics - an open source tool that automatically analyzes and simplifies data, for example from server logs or existing (open source) analytics tools, and proposes concrete measures for optimizing your content.
Can I set up my own self hosted version of ACONA? Yes! You find the relevant documentation in the Developer documentation.
What is a Page Type? Depending on a website you will have different page types. A page type is for example a product page on commerce websites or a blog post on blogs or a landing page or a home page etc.
Why do I need to define Page Types? Different page types require different criteria to determine success: scroll depth, number of conversions, number of interactions or a combination. For a landing page a page view is a big success metric, while for a blog post it might be time spent per page. This individual success indicator is then calculated for all important) URLs and can be queried via an API. So it is important for you to define your page types and how you measure success for those pages.
How should I configure my Success Metrics?
How do I get my Matomo API Key / Auth Token? You can find this information here.
How do I get Google Search Console Token?